"Dance the Barn Down"
Family dances for schools,
festivals and community events.

Music and dance create health, recreation and community, as well as artistic expression. 
Parents and children of all ages can take part in these lively dances.  Experience the joy that
dancing has brought people throughout the history of humankind! 
Live music on fiddle, guitar/piano and bass.  All dances are taught before starting. 
Frank Woodward has been performing music and calling dances in NH with several bands for many years. 
Musicians and vocalists Amy Conley and Frank “Doc” Rudolph each have over twenty years experience
bringing music to audiences of all ages.  To round out the program, sing-alongs are included at the beginning
and end of the program, as well as waltzes, contras and squares, circle dances and singing games from
traditional and contemporary New England.

Call Amy at 603-249-9560 for bookings.
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